2006 Journal Quilts

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2006 has been a year of turret hunting. Capturing the wild turret in its natural habitat has been a wonderful excuse for outings; for getting out into the countryside seeing the sites. I have learned a lot this year about how best to recreate architectural features in fabric and thread, and about the importance of shadows. As the year progressed I had the confidence to try more difficult and detailed pieces. I have tried a few shortcuts and found that some of them turn into the long way around, both in navigating the back roads of the region and more particularly in my sewing. I have loved and hated each one of these pieces as I was struggling to complete it, and at some point in each one I thought all was lost. I couldn’t be more pleased with the way this series has turned out. I hope you enjoy seeing these picture as much as I have enjoyed making them.

The journal quilt project has always been about experimentation. Many journal quilt makers have experimented with techniques that stretch the very definition of a quilt. I have a well established way I like to work so my experiments have had more to do with attempting to perfect these methods, trying different ways of transferring images and working with more and more complex images to create this series of architectural quilts.

In order to better display several of these quilts, I have attached them to a separate "Border Quilt".  See how they look with borders,  or get instructions on how to add a separate border.

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