Journal Quilts 2003

    April --- Trillium



Trilliums, a personal favorite among wildflowers, grow wild on our property. After planning to make a trillium quilt for years, the Journal Quilt Project provided motivation. I photographed the trillium, then made a small quilt. I scanned the quilt, printed a replica on fabric and quilted it. I was intrigued by this process: taking the image from photograph to quilt; from quilt to scan, and back to quilt again. I had not used much computer printing on fabric before and was interested in the quality of the replication process. I will continue to explore this in the coming months.
April's quilt began a series of wildflower quilts. I was excitied and intrigued to find my subject each month and to try to create flower portraits.  Each month I would eagerly scour the woods and fields for wildflowers and take many photos with a digital camera. I feel like I was able to really get to know each flower, studying them through a lens, then working with the raw photos to make line drawings and then appliqueing each quilt from fabric and thread. Some of my journal quilts are photo transfers of the original stitched quilts which were further stitched and embellished.

With these quilts I also explored the technique of computer printing on fabric, which up until now had not been of particular interest to me. I was able to discover which printable fabric products worked better than others, and some of the limitations.


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