Journal Quilts 2004

September 2004 Journal Quilt. Copyright 2004 Susan Brittingham. All rights reserved


Trees have begun to change to the glorious colors of autumn. A column and bright trees against the sky speak of a crisp fall day. This is an attempt at a minimalist geometric piece with lots of negative space, which is definitely not my usual style. Again, I let the decorative stitches, machine made blanket or buttonhole stitches, also serve as the quilting in this piece.



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Now that you have seen all of my 2004 Journal quilts, I have a confession to make. In 2004, I vowed to make my journal quilts quickly, so that when the time came to send them off, I would have no regrets, at least as far as seeing them leave for over a year. I never quite got the same excitement going for this group as I did the previous ones, perhaps because I didn't try to follow any sort of a theme. I think it shows. I really like only about six of the nine quilts and the others did not really work out for me. But as always, it was a fun process, and once again I learned things from it about myself and my art work. 


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