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This chart lists ALL the classes I teach at Quilt University. Since not all classes are available at all times some may not be listed on the schedule. Current and upcoming classes are posted on the Quilt University site and here on my website: QU Schedule. Registration at QU begins approximately 6 weeks before the class opens. 

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Skills and Prerequisites
Sometimes I am asked if my classes should be taken in any particular order or what skills are required for the various classes. If you would like more information, please see the Skills List.

Triple Treat Tulips

Triple Treat Tulips

This class provides an introduction to three machine appliqué methods with emphasis on skill building. The three methods are Fusible Appliqué finished with Satin Stitch, Fusible Appliqué with Buttonhole Stitch, and Invisible Appliqué. We will have an opportunity to try each method in our project.

Project options are suitable for advanced beginners with little or no applique experience. This class is a great way to learn machine applique or to improve your skills.

Triple Treat Tulips class samples

Miniature Fabric Landscapes

Miniature Fabric Landscapes

This class introduces some of the major principles of designing realistic landscapes using atmospheric perspective. Emphasis will be on the effective use of color to create the illusion of depth. Participants will begin one or more of their own small, enchanting fabric "paintings" using fusible appliqué and free-motion machine stitching. Patterns will be provided or students may work with their own designs.

This class is easy enough for advanced beginners but interesting enough for all skill levels.  This class is highly recommended for anyone who is making the transition from traditional or geometric quilts into landscape quilting.

Miniature Landscape class samples

Machine Embellished Surfaces

Machine Embellished Surfaces

Using your sewing machine, learn and practice a number of methods for creating embellished details which will enrich the surface texture of your quilts and wearables. Some of the techniques are particularly effective in pictorial quilts, but all are versatile, their uses limited only by your imagination. Learn to create tunnels and texture, and tiny embroidered windows in your fabric. Machine needle lace for example, has infinite possibilities as an addition to landscapes and pictorial quilts, capturing the subtle colors and textures of trees, leaves and mosses or insect wings. This is primarily a process class, so you will be making samples of various techniques in class, not necessarily a finished product. For intermediate to advanced quilters.


Viewpoints: A Quilter's Perspective

Bring the art of perspective, one of the most important of an artist’s tools, to your quilt making as you learn to create the illusion of depth in your work.   The simple techniques we study are essential for creating interiors and work well when combined with landscapes to create "a room with a view".  You will learn to make eye catching three-dimensional frames to border your quilts, and practice some exercises in linear perspective.  Learn about columns, arches, and other architectural details as well. This is not primarily a landscape class.

Viewpoints Class Samples

Upside-Down Applique

Upside Down Applique

Learn a new machine appliqué technique that is easy and accurate. Achieve perfect shapes and accurate placement of all your appliqué elements, no matter how small or complex. Use this method to create multi-layered motifs by machine when you can’t or don’t want to fuse. This is an extremely useful and versatile technique. Although Upside-Down Applique  is not a prerequisite for any of my other classes, this technique may help you in more advanced classes, such as On Land and Sea or Flower Power.

Upside-Down Applique class samples

On Land and Sea

On Land and Sea

Explore techniques and strategies to use in creating beautiful quilted landscapes and seascapes. Starting with fabric selection and design planning, you will learn how to translate a sketch or photograph into fabric for a stunning quilt. Learn how to combine various forms of machine appliqué and decorative embellishments to realize your vision and create a unique environment. This is a machine applique class. Hand applique enthusiasts are welcome to adapt the lessons to their needs.

This is a more advanced class than Miniature Fabric Landscapes and brings together many of the skills in my other classes.

Visit the Student Gallery to see what previous students in this class have done.

Flower Power

Flower Power

Capture the unexpected burst of color of a wildflower in the woods, or the riotous hues of a summer garden in your quilts as you learn to make realistic appliquéd flower portraits. Learn several different ways to create flower image quilts, including collage, upside down appliqué, and freezer paper or fusible appliqué methods. Additional techniques for three dimensional work and embellishments will be examined. Skill level: Intermediate to advanced quilters who wish to explore more advanced machine appliqué techniques, to expand their skills and to learn ways to combine different techniques.

Visit the Student Gallery of Floral Quilts to see quilts made with the methods we use in class.

To Bead or Not to Bead

To Bead or Not to Bead

This class takes you from the basics of beading and beyond. We will look at beads and materials, and how and when to bead quilts and garments. The class is informative for beginners who have never tried beading before, but also covers some interesting techniques for intermediate beaders as well, including embroidery stitches, couching, fringes and bead encrusted fabric motifs. Join me and enter a wonderful world of beading.

Bead Gallery


Visit the Quilt University Website for more information or to register for classes. Upcoming classes are posted on the site and registration begins approximately 6 weeks before the class opens. 

Skills and Prerequisites
If you are wondering if you have the necessary skills to succeed in any of my classes, check out this list. It will also help you to decide the best order in which to take the classes. Skills List.

Feel free to E-mail me at if you have any other questions about my classes. 

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