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updated 10/08/11
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The Good
Benefits of Eating Vegetables

The Bad
Effects of Eating Meat, GMO's, Etc

The Ugly
Horrible Things in Your Food, like "Pink Slime"

Go to to sign a petition for a constitutional amendment to make all federal elections publicly funded, thus eliminating big money interests from election campaigns and reducing corporate influence on elected officials.

"What does this have to do with what I eat?", you might ask. Big agribusiness makes sure that you are eating plenty of chemicals, limits your access to organic foods and wants to limit your access to dietary supplements.

When corporations fund election campaigns they influence policy. It is not in the interest of large corporations to have high standards for organic foods or to label GMO foods so that we know what we are eating. It is in their interest to promote chemicals, factory farms and highly processed foods, to curtail the growth of small farms and local agriculture, and to make sure that almost everything you eat contains dairy products.

Links to Articles about Better Health and Bad Foods:

I think everyone should be making INFORMED choices about the foods they eat. I know that a lot of people would rather not know what they are eating, but for those of you who want to know, and want to improve your health, there are some articles below about food and nutrition, based on research, not just propaganda or special interests of the meat, dairy and big agriculture industries.

There are many reasons to eat more vegetables and less meat even for those who are not ready to go vegetarian full-time. Read a few of the following articles and find out what a difference adding more organic vegetables to your diet and eating less meat and dairy can make to your health and to the environment.


The Good: Benefits of Vegetarian and Vegan Diet

Eating Healthy Foods Can Save You Money

Although the title of this article is "Is Organic Milk a Hoax?", it should be called "Good Reasons to use Organic Dairy Products". Personally, I avoid dairy, but if you are a big fan of dairy products, then do yourself a favor and go organic.

Which Fruits and Vegetables are Most Effective in Fighting Cancer

Reduce Your Body's Toxic Load by Consuming Fewer Pesticides

22 reasons to go Vegetarian

20 Anti-Cancer Rules

Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet

More Health Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet

Even More Benefits...are we beginning to sense a theme?

7 Painless Ways to be "Almost a Vegetarian"

Settling the Soy Controversy (some good things about eating soy products)

The Shoppers Guide to Pesticides--A wallet Guide or App to carry with you to the Grocery Store

Reasons to be Dairy-Free, plus Problems with the "Food Pyramid"
--- This article is a little wordy, but it does list some of the problems with humans eating dairy products, supported by research.

The Bad: The Ill Effects of Eating Meat, Dairy, GMO's, Fast Food and Artificial Sweeteners

If You Eat, You Better Occupy Wall Street
This article is about how the current administration supports and subsidizes big agriculture and toxic food. That seems to fit under both "Bad" and Ugly"

Hot Dogs Linked to Leukemia

Could Eating Processed Meat Give you Cancer?

Eating Processed Meat Every Day Could Up Diabetes Risk

While Warning About Fat, U.S. Pushes Cheese Sales

Why Eating Meat Could Give You Diabetes, plus did you know the factory farmed cows you eat are eating chicken poop ("poultry litter") before they get to your table?

6 Revolting Breakfasts that Just Might Kill You Before Lunch
I love the subtitle on this one: "From candy cereals to dead pigs piled onto biscuits, Americans start their days with some deadly concoctions."

How Bad is McDonald's Food?

Industry Front Group Gets Taxpayer Money to Convince You to Eat Pesticide-Laden Food

Is Your Favorite Ice Cream Made With Monsanto's Artificial Hormones?

Drugs, Poisons and Metals in Meat If Mexico AND the USDA says it's bad, it's REALLY bad.

Hormones in Milk and Meat

One Hundred Animals In A Bun

Farm Raised Shrimp

Bad News for Kids: School Lunches

Pricey Steakhouses Serve Factory Farmed Beef

Fast Foods Most Heinous Concoctions

How Much Water to make a Pound of Beef

Dangers of Splenda

More about the dangers of Splenda and more

Aspartame: Dangers and Side Effects

MSG: Silent Killer

Aspartame: The Deadly Neurotoxin Nearly EVERYONE Uses Daily…

Agave Sweetener, Worse than High Fructose Corn Syrup?

Non-GMO Shopping Guide
GMO ingredients are in many of the foods that you eat. These are unnatural and potentially harmful foods. At this time, there are not mandatory labels for foods containing Genetically Engineered Organisms. You can download a guide to help you make good choices. Follow the link I have provided and read more about why you want to avoid eating GMO products or feeding them to your family.

The Ugly: Want to know what's really in the food you are eating? Warning, it's pretty gross.

Pink Slime (AKA "Soylent Pink")in your Child's School Lunch

A common ingredient in commercial breads is derived from human hair harvested in China Yum?

Pre-Chicken Nugget Meat Paste, with pictures. YUM.

What's in the non-chicken half of the McNugget?

FDA finally admits chicken meat contains cancer-causing arsenic

What's in Fast Food Chicken? Hint: It's NOT Chicken.

7 Vegetarian Foods that Contain Meat Products

6 Most Horrifying Lies the Food Industry is Feeding You

Industrial Agriculture doesn't just affect Meat: Bacteria in Bagged Salads

10 Weirdest, Grossest Ingredients in Processed Foods

What ELSE is in Fast Food? A Newly Discovered Reason to Avoid It

Cattle 'cloned from dead animals' OK, I know that omnivores really don't mind chowing down on dead things, but isn't this taking it a bit too far?

Do You want Chicken Poop with that Steak?

Ammonia Treated Pink Slime in Ground Beef

Toxic Drugs Given to Animals before they are Slaughtered remains in Meat

A Disturbing Look at the Dairy Industry

If You Eat, You Better Occupy Wall Street
This article is about how the current administration supports and subsidizes big agriculture and toxic food. That seems to fit under both "Bad" and Ugly"

A Surprise: And now for something completely different: Cell Phones and Brain Tumors. Nobody said it was going to be a good surprise.

This next article isn't just about the food we eat, but the toxic environment we live in: Mercury Exposure Make People Go Nuts

And for all of you who can't wait to get your flu shots each season,
a little article about some reasons NOT to: Flu Shots: Panacea or Propaganda?

More on Flu shots:Flu Vaccines Only Prevent Flu in 1.5% of Adults

A few thoughts I have put together: Myths About Protein

And just to reinforce the idea, Too Much Protein and some Recipes

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