Stars of the East

I have always loved Asian inspired fabrics and was building quite a collection. I decided it was time to actually do something with them.

Size:approximately 81" by 101"
Completed in 2008

Stars are another favorite theme of mine, at least as far as pieced blocks go. I began making variable star blocks using predominately Asian fabrics combined with other cottons and batiks. I used every color without thinking too hard ahead of time how to make everything fit together, which is usually how I like to make block based quilts. My theory is that if all the blocks are pretty then the result will be a pretty quilt. I like things scrappy and a bit random so my eye can skim over the surface and find different areas of interest. I like that some blocks are stronger and some are more blend-y.


After making quite a few blocks I started to think the surface might be too busy and that I should work with alternate blocks, so I started making some simpler blocks, planning to alternate blocks. The two blocks above are examples of the star and the "plain" blocks.

Ultimately I found that even using the alternating blocks, that the surface was too busy so I went with a dark blue sashing and gold cornerstones to try to unify all the disparate colors. The border is another Oriental inspired fabric. This was a really fun top to make and in person it is quite pretty. The photo was taken at a quilt show and could be better. This quilt was long arm quilted quite beautifully by Elaine Myers.

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