Abstract Challenge Quilts

These quiltlets were made in answer to an ongoing on-line challenge which takes place on Yahoo groups at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/abstract-challenge. As you can see, I participated in the challenge from late 2000 through September 2002.

A new topic is added each month and the challenge is to express a concept in an 8" by 8" square quilt using abstract, or at least non-literal representations.  Click on the images to see a larger, detailed version and follow the links on the individual pages to see all of them. 

September 2002

Friendship --- August 2002 Flower --- July 2002

Spirit --- June 2002 Blue --- April 2002 Mysterious --- February 2002

bar.jpg (2467 bytes)

door_t.jpg (7807 bytes)

dance_t.jpg (11021 bytes)

Door --- November 2001 Dance --- October 2001 Faces --- September 2001

Awakenings (right)
August 2001

Balance --- August 2001 Trees --- July 2001

Inner Sanctum --- June 2001

Celebration --- May 2001

Stretched --- April 2001

Fragile --- March 2001

Measuring Up --- February 2001 Building Codes --- January 2001

Light and Shadow ---
December 2000

As I look at all of these quilts so far, I realize that in many of them, I have used Upside-Down Appliqué to translate my little drawings quickly and accurately into fabric.  I teach Upside Down Applique as well as several other classes at  Quilt University.   You can visit the QU website at www.quiltuniversity.com, or take a look at my QU class Schedule for more information. 

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