Artifacts in Sunlight

48" x 48"
Copyright 1999 Susan Brittingham

When I visit guilds and groups to lecture and teach, people tell me that the photos of my quilts on the web do not do them justice. This quilt is certainly a case in point, because when seen in person, the colors in this quilt are very vibrant, and not so dark as in photos.  Nevertheless, here is a little taste of Artifacts in Sunlight.

The intensely quilted surface tells the story alluded to in the title. The tale is one of the continuity of life. There are a few idyllic places in the world which from time immemorial have welcomed those who settled there with their fertile soils and mild climates.  In the case of this quilt, my thoughts were of the lands along the northern Mediterranean coast and the ruins still to be seen there.

In the south of France one can walk among the ruins of ancient civilizations and see the sun glistening off the ruins and artifacts, reminders of those who came before and left their mark upon the land. The rhythm of the seasons continues as it has always done. Aqueducts and bridges built by the Romans still stand. Vestiges of medieval times are so tangible that one can almost hear the rustle of ghosts as they walk in the gardens and on the parapets.

The geometric surface of this quilt is based on a half square triangle unit which is in turn strip pieced. The quilting, and decisions about the quilting took far longer than did the patchwork to complete. Below are some large details which I hope begin to capture the mood of the piece.

This detail shows some quilted columns and a hill town. A portion of a celestial-style sun and some daylilies can be seen in this photo.

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