Black Walnut Moon

Black Walnut Moon Copyright 1998 Susan Brittingham

Black Walnut Moon

1998 by Susan Brittingham
27.5" x 25.5"
Private Collection

Black Walnut Moon came about as I tried to recreate one of the most incredible moonrises I had ever witnessed.  I came home that night and started making little sketches of the scene.  I designed the full scale "frame" for the piece on computer using AutoCAD.  I wanted to include the realistic silhouette of a tree, so I needed to draw one from life.  I grabbed my sketch book, my pencil and most importantly, my eraser.  It being January, I put on some thin gloves and went out to draw.   It started to drizzle.  Although I was game and actually took up position to draw my tree, I found that you just can’t draw on paper in the rain.  It had to wait for a sunnier day.

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