Autumn Sky in Williamsburg

This quilt was made for an online challenge which asked the question Why is the Sky Blue?

Autumn Sky in Williamsburg
Copyright 2006 Susan Brittingham
Size: 32"w  x 42"h

The challenge enabled me to combine a number of my primary interests in art: color, nature, architecture and perspective. When asked "Why is the sky blue?", my thoughts went to color and contrast. In fall, the reds, oranges and golds of autumn leaves sparkle against the backdrop of a bright blue sky, the colors of each intensifying the other. Architecture provides counterpoint to the natural world adding an element of order to the wild riot of color and form. The column leads our eyes and thoughts into the vastness of sky while the portico, shelters us.  


This detail image shows the intense quilting from the back. The quilting was done using variegated cotton threads and free motion machine stitching. the stitching adds detail to the collaged colored fabric on the front.


This piece is constructed of commercial and hand-dyed cotton fabrics. Nylon tulle overlays enhance the shadows. Construction Techniques include raw edge and satin stitch applique and machine piecing. The surface is intensely quilted by machine with cotton and rayon threads. The quilt was based on a photograph, taken by the artist on a perfect fall day in Williamsburg, Virginia.

This Quilt was completed in January 2006.

original photo
This is the original photo on which the quilt was based

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