Blue Roses

Blue Roses Copyright 2006 by Susan Brittingham

This fairy tale was adapted by Susan Brittingham
from a story by Netta Syrett (written circa 1903)
Size: 42.5"w x 38.5"h

Once upon a time in a place far, far away there lived a princess. She was not like other princesses. Fair and pretty with impeccable manners, like most princesses of her day, she also had a sense of humor and opinions of her own, traits considered most un-princess-like. When she went to dances and parties, most of the handsome princes would leave her alone and spend their time with the other princesses who would laugh at their jokes and gaze adoringly into their eyes. The other princesses, who spoke mostly about clothes and fancy dress balls and of course, about the princes, did not feel entirely comfortable around Princess Gabriella, nor she around them.

Her parents despaired that she would never find a prince, a castle and a kingdom of her own where she might be happy. Talk around the castle was that spirits of the woodland had entered her heart when Gabriella was but a baby and made her restless forevermore. She was always looking for things that seemed not to exist, magical creatures and blue roses.

One day a handsome prince met the princess and during their brief encounter, he found her quite enchanting. She thought he seemed a nice enough prince, and so a ball was given in honor of the prince and princess. As the evening wore on and the princess began to feel more relaxed around her prince and their guests, she laughed, told funny stories and let her whimsical side come out.

I am thinking of cropping this quilt so it looks more like this:

The couple went for a walk in the palace gardens. The Prince began to criticize the Princess’s un-princess-like behavior. “You laugh too loud.” he said. “Your observations about the other guests really are not proper.”

“Why can’t you just laugh at my stories and gaze adoringly into my eyes like the other princesses?” he asked.

Always honest to a fault, which was another very un-princess-like habit, she replied “I think it is because your stories do not amuse me and I suppose I really don’t adore you.”

They went their separate ways. Although mostly relieved, because honestly, she found the prince a bit boring, Gabriella felt a bit sad that once again she had not found her true love or even a place in life where she might fit in.

That night her restlessness lead her first to pace in her rooms, then to wander through the castle and finally on a walk through the castle grounds. Moonlight spilled over the pathways and touched the leaves of the trees with silver and gold. Through the forest lit with moonlight and fairies, she walked down to the river to the edge of the sparkling water.

Blue Roses Copyright 2006 by Susan Brittingham
This Quilt was made for the Fabled Fibers Challenge. See all the quilts from this challenge on the QuiltArt Site.

She was surprised to see a man paddling almost silently down the stream. He came to shore near where she stood but she did not fear him. Something about him made her feel safe and comfortable.

Blue Roses Copyright 2006 by Susan Brittingham

“For a moment I thought you a fairy or a sprite” said the man.

“Who are you?” asked Princess Gabriella.

“I am a voyager and discoverer and I have come for you, my little sparrow”, he replied, “just as I said I would”.

Only one person had ever called her little sparrow; Hugo, the forester’s boy, her childhood playmate.

“I have come to take you to my kingdom”, said Hugo with a grin. The princess took a bit of convincing. But after some hours of talking, joking, teasing and bickering just a little, she decided that she and Hugo seemed well suited to one another. They made each other laugh and liked one another perfectly well just as they were. She only had one last question for the prince, “Will I find blue roses in your kingdom?”

Hugo replied, “I doubt it, but I certainly don’t mind if you look.”

And so, they paddled away together and lived happily ever after in Hugo’s forest.

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