The library quilt

We have a committee of two working to collect blocks to make a quilt for the new library. We have collected 60 blocks.

I have made three blocks and will help arrange them all and put the quilt together.

Here is a block I made:

It is the logo of Cafe del Sol, a local coffee shop in Floyd, VA. I spend some time there, being a big espresso fan and my weekly yoga class meets in the same building. The logo was used with permission. I made this block using Upside-Down Applique Techniques. Upside-Down Applique is a class I teach at Quilt University.

Below, see the other blocks in the center section that I am putting together.

Mabry Mill

Row 1: Carol Liang Haskell--Corn and Beans, Susan Moore--Library Logo,
Susan Moore & Kit Haggard--Floyd Naturally, Lori Day--Double Sawtooth Star with dogs
Row 2: Bobbie Trail--Sunbonnet Sue, Vicky Barden--Daylily, Lucy Ricardo--Music/Country Store, Pam Frazier Heart of Floyd
Row 3: (left)Gwen Goepel--Log cabin w/photo, (right)Debbie Journell--The Rooster
Center: Camelia Elliot “Mabry Mill”
Row 4: (left)Karin Tauber--Leaves, (right)Judy Anderson--Bear Paw
Row 5: Cindy M. Mobley--Bird, Judy Ruggles--Wine Block, Charlotte Atkins--Fiddler, Susan Brittingham--Café del Sol
Row 6: Jean Vogler--Star of Floyd, Judy Anderson--Bears, Elaine Boyd--Memories, Pauline Hodges--Guitar Picker



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