Echoes of the Past

Copyright 2007 Susan Brittingham

Civilizations build monuments meant to last forever. Time passes. Civilizations fall, overrun by foreign hordes, corrupted from within, destroyed by climate change or natural disaster. For a time the monuments remain, paying testimony to the magnificence of ages past. The civilizations they represented are forgotten. The structures loose their meaning and are pillaged for raw materials, buried by time, crumbled to dust.

Copyright 2007 Susan Brittingham


This quilt has been a long time coming. I drew a tiny picture many years ago. I imagined that in the ruins of a great civilization we might still see the echoes of the past. I think it also might give us a glimpse of our own future.

This quilt was made for Stretching Art 9: Time Challenge.

This quilt is 27" x 32" and was completed in 2007.

At left, a quilting detail from the lower right corner.

Below another detail showing shadows.

Copyright 2007 Susan Brittingham

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