Emerald Forest Emerald Forest (1996)

72" x 60"

In Emerald Forest I have attempted to represent the exotic abundance of life which for a time still exists in the Amazonian Rainforests. I have tried to capture the illusion of light filtering through the canopy of trees, parrots in flight and the multitude of flora, fauna and fungi which might be encountered there.


This quilt is machine pieced. Two parrots in flight were drafted into the triangular grid of the pieced background and pieced on a paper foundation. paper pieced parrot
iguana At left, see a detail of the quilting on this piece, as seen from the back.

Detailed and realistic original quilting designs form a distinct composition which reiterates the underlying jungle theme and is superimposed onto the abstract background. Machine quilted and embroidered with rayon and metallic threads.

Artist’s Statement

I enjoy using fabric and patchwork as my medium to create complex abstract environments representing, for example, a teeming underwater tropical reef or an icy, frozen winter stream or with this quilt, the lush life of the rainforest. Often I begin a composition with a painting or photograph as inspiration. In these "impressionistic" pieces based on triangle shapes, I use the color and pattern of printed fabric and the geometric shapes of traditional patchwork to build a background of pieced fabric. Each color travels through the piece on its own path but must relate to the whole as well, in order to create the desired illusion of light through water, or through foliage.

The embellishment of the surface of my quilts can emphasize and enhance the theme. The original quilting designs are complete compositions in their own right which are superimposed onto the pieced background of my geometric quilts. I feel that the intricacies of the surface involve the viewer in the work.

In more recent pieces I use the background as a surface for additional embellishment with applique and fibers.

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