Fountain of Fair Fortune

September 2012

Size: 29" wide x 38" high

Long Story short, the quilt was inspired by a story from JK Rowlings Tales of Beedle the Bard, called the Fountain of Fair Fortune.

Making the Fountain of Fair Fortune

September 2: The idea stemmed from a History of Magic class prompt at the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup on I thought about the subject, looked at books and tried to plan what I wanted to do

September 7-9: Sketch. For me this was the hard part. I began with a very rough sketch and tried to turn the sketch into a pattern. I worked on refining the fountain.

On or around September 12: I began sewing.
The mountains are done using Upside-Down Applique. It went really fast, taking part of a day to do all of the mountain section, which forms the top third of the quilt.

The trees are done using fused collage. Basically, I cut tree shapes out of fabric that has been attached to fusible web (Misty Fuse). Then I fuse the shapes to the surface. The treeline took several hours on two afternoons.

September 16: This is where I am today.
I did not have my full design worked out before I began to sew, so I am designing as I go. The arcade was worked out on paper, then transferred to stabilizer. The fountain is on a separate sheet. These drawings will go on the back of the current quilt as be used as patterns.

Students, click on image above to see what's what

My sketch/perspective drawing of the final draft of the arcade

This quilt is made using commercial fabrics and applique. There is no painting or photo transfer involved, only fabric and thread. I used a combination of techniques to create the quilt. One method, which I use for most of the applique I do, and almost all of my pictorial work (landscapes, flowers and architectural quilts), Upside Down Applique. I also used some raw edge collage work.

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