Hidden Cove

Hidden Cove Copyright 2002 by Susan Brittingham

Copyright 2002 by Susan Brittingham
37" x 51"

The hidden cove is seen through a window on a sunny day in the Tropics.   The lush vegetation sneaks through the window, bringing the outside in.

The quilt is constructed of cotton fabrics and nylon tulle, using machine piecing and appliqué. It is machine quilted. This tropical seascape was made using the techniques I teach in my "On Land and Sea" class, a class in which I teach the methods I use to create realistic pictorial quilts.  The class is offered periodically through Quilt University. For more information on my Quilt University and other classes, follow the class links.

hidden_cove_detail.jpg (28925 bytes)

A detail of the quilt, showing the rocks, boat and water

The quilt was completed in November 2002, in time to be included in "The Art of the Quilt" a biennial quilt show held at Piedmont Arts Association in Martinsville, VA.

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