Laurel Creek

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Copyright 2005 Susan Brittingham

I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia in a woodsy spot that lies between a river and a creek. When I walk down to the river in summer, and look across the river I can see the pasture and the big trees, sometimes even a cow or two. Often the river bank is reflected in the water so distinctly that it is hard to tell where the bank ends and the river begins. Trees along the creek cast shadows on the water and on the sandy creek bed.  The canoe waits for long evenings when we go out and drift along the river with fishing lines dragging along behind. It's more about the slant of the light on the trees and the slap of the water against the canoe than about catching fish. 

This quilt was made in answer to a challenge from my Fringe Benefits Group.  We were doing a Four Elements Challenge in which we could pick one of the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire or Water as our topic.  My original idea for a water quilt was something completely different from this piece.  But I thought of the old adage that you should "paint what you know", so I made this quilt.  Like all of my quilts, it is made using machine appliqué and thread work, and not really painted at all.


Copyright 2005 Susan Brittingham

Copyright 2005 Susan Brittingham

Copyright 2005 Susan Brittingham

Above: This is the original photo that inspired the quilt.

Far left: A detail of the canoe

Left, a detail of the tree, showing quilting

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