Miniature Fabric Landscapes
Summer by the Lake
17.5" w x 28" h
Copyright 2003 by Susan Brittingham

This began as a miniature landscape with reflections on the water, and grew. It was fun to make and place the boats in the picture. The small white boat has a rope attaching it to the pier.

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blue_ridge_winter2.jpg (40139 bytes)

Blue Ridge in Winter
20" w x 14" h
Copyright 2003 by Susan Brittingham

This was made in the winter of 2003, a particularly cold and snowy one in the mountains of Southwest Virginia.

Winter Morning
18" w x 16.5" h
Copyright 2003 by Susan Brittingham

Another small quilt inspired by the winter weather.

winter_morning.jpg (24003 bytes)

gaia.jpg (35400 bytes)

Gaia in Repose
18" w x 15.25" h
Copyright 2003 by Susan Brittingham

This quilt began as one of my Abstract Challenge Quilts. I was trying to create a landscape incorporating the female form.

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