Miniature Fabric Landscapes
Mountain Sunset
17" w x 15"h
Copyright 2003 by Susan Brittingham

This is a bright little piece would add color to any room.

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18.5" w x 16.5"h
Copyright 2002 by Susan Brittingham

I find seascapes more difficult to work with as a subject for a pictorial quilt than my usual  mountian landscapes. The emptiness and serenity that make a visit to the seashore so wonderful in person, provide a less interesting subject to my eye than the shapes of mountains when making a quilt. Of course the seashore that I get to visit from time to time is on the East Coast of the US, where the flat sandy beaches and sparse vegetation make for a less varied landscape than many other shores.

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Appalachian Sunset
size: 19w" x 17h"
Copyright 2000 by Susan Brittingham

Typically, I frame my small landscapes but I began to feel that I should have some examples which were completed as small quilts or wall hangings. This is the first.

As I tested my border choices, I decided to vary the width of the two borders so that they were something unexpected.

SOLD. Private Collection.

 2000 by Susan Brittingham

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