Nature's Materpieces

This quilt was made for a Guild Challenge, the Fortune Cookie Challenge. Each participant let a fortune from a Chinese fortune cookie inspire their quilt. My fortune read:

Your Family is One of Nature's Masterpieces.

My immediate family consists of my husband, myself and our two cats, Junebug and Baby. The cats have been added to the picture, but I was eager to post this quilt, which is substantially finished.

natures_masterpiece1.jpg (32460 bytes)

The Full Quilt

nat_master_detail1.jpg (30259 bytes)

Close-up of the center
I created the central appliqued landscape and the figures using Upside-Down Applique. The figures were constructed off the surface of the quilt, then applied.   The stairs as well as the figures help add to the sense of perspective.

nat_master_detail2.jpg (32474 bytes)

Detail of landscape and figure
The foliage of the willow tree was made of machine needle lace,
created off the surface of the quilt and applied.

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