Nightfall in the Valley of the Kings

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Size: 55” x 38”
Completed in October of 1993

This Quilt represents many firsts for me. When I constructed this quilt I was just beginning to dye my own fabrics. My own hand dyed fabrics predominate in this quilt, although there are a few pieces of commercially printed fabrics included, plus a few commercially available hand-dyes.

It was also the first pictorial/representational piece I tried. I began in response to the Hoffman Challenge, 1993. However, the Hoffman fabric which I originally intended to use in the sky, was subsequently dropped in favor of hand-dyes, and the project was continued as an entry to the 1993 Floyd Guild Color Challenge, to use a color scheme of chartreuse and orange.

Various machine piecing techniques were used to create the quilt, including strip piecing and originally designed paper foundations. The quilt also includes both hand and machine appliqué. It is machine quilted.

Nightfall in the Valley of the Kings

As darkness gathers, the pyramids cast their eerie shadows across the desert. Before the darkness is complete, a first-time visitor to the ancient monuments feels a strange sense of deja vu. "I know this place" she says to herself and wonders; had she been here in another time, in another life?

As she falls asleep, the desert breezes carry her into a world of dreams. She dreams of an time of impossible antiquity as if it were earlier that same afternoon. She floats quietly down the Nile, on a barge powered by a dozen men at oars. They sweat in the sun while she basks under a canopy erected for her comfort, eating the delicate fruits put before her and watching the birds that drift above the river on glistening wings.

She wakes with tears in her eyes, but whether for the struggling oarsmen or for an age and self whose time is past, she isn’t sure.

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