The Reef

Completed in 2008
Copyright2008Susan Brittingham

Size: 40" wide x 39" long

This is another quilt made from triangles and shapes derived from triangles. It continues to be a fun way for me to work, serving as a break from my usual applique. This method lets me combine many different fabric and prints and do some easy sewing. For the most part, the top can be constructed with straight seams. 

Once the surface is complete, I can embellish as much as I like. This quilt has a needle lace sea fan, couched yarns, and some intense beading. The beaded elements include some embellished fish and some sea urchins.

Above: Sea Turtles, cut from fabric and appliqued, plus quilting details.

This fish was beaded before quilting. The quilting was done free motion
by machine with a spring needle in order to get very close to the beading.

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