Roof of the World

Roof of the World
Copyright 2001 Susan Brittingham
(53" x 65")

I finished Roof of the World in early September of 2001, just in time for a gallery show, but it had been "in progress" for much, much longer. 

As I recall, I began this quilt 1995. I was working from a small drawing or "doodle", and began construction from the center landscape.   After completing the landscape, a portion of the floor and the small columns, the steps stopped me cold. The quilt stayed on my design wall for a long time before I returned to it. By that time I wanted to change the central columns, and replaced them.  I made some headway, added the railing and windows above the landscape, and even started working on the steps, but once again, reached an impasse and put the quilt away again. Finally in the summer of 2001, I decided I really wanted to finish the quilt for the upcoming show and seriously got to work.

A detail of the central portion. The hill town, is machine embroidered.

the town, free-motion embroidery


I did finally finish it, in early September 2001. It was shown at "A Celebration of Virginia Quilters" at the Twentieth Century Gallery in Williamsburg, Virginia in the fall of 2001.

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