Roop's Pasture

Roops Pasture
Copyright 2003-2004 Susan Brittingham
30" x 23"

This miniature quilt was made for a special exhibit at the Mountain Comfort's Quilt Show in 2003. The Quilt Show was Celebrating its 15th year and the Blue Ridge Folklife Festival of which it is a part was celebrating its 30th anniversary. Quiltmakers were invited to make a special quilt celebrating Appalachian Life and the Beauties of the Blue Ridge. My quilt, Roop's Pasture is adapted from a photo of the road that leads to my home. Each time I leave or come home again, I can see the beauties of the Blue Ridge. The farm culture that is such a huge part of the region's past can still be seen in the nearby pasturelands. I doubt that it will be with us much longer as development threatens even seemingly isolated areas.

without a border

In 2004 I decided to add the border to this formerly borderless quilt. At left, you can see the quilt before it was bordered.

The radiating border is one that I teach in my Viewpoints class, available through Quilt University.
All of my quilts are made using only fabric and thread, no painting.

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