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After completing Sea of Dreams, I felt the need to do something fun and frivolous.
"Seahorses" is the result. I enjoyed doing a great deal of thread work, and freeform fabric manipulations and beading to complete this piece.  A detail of de tail can be seen below.


A Tale of the Seahorse King

Ages ago, when men lived in trees and caves and wore the skins of large animals, a great civilization thrived under the sea. Not a civilization of buildings, roads or industry, but of culture, history and tales of honor and greatness as old as the seas.

The King of the Seahorses extended his benevolent rule to all other creatures. All except the sharks, who roamed as the seas as barbarians, and fed upon the others as they still do today. But that was the nature of life under the sea. Along with the beauty and serenity of life under the ocean, came the inevitability of danger and death. During the reign of the Seahorse King, the ancient oceans were as fresh and clean as though they were made just yesterday.

But the civilization fell, as civilizations do, even impossibly ancient ones. As the men shed their animal skins and began to flourish on the land, their activities in pursuit of wealth and power took their toll on the oceans. The Kingdom of the Seahorses was beset by a more deadly sort of barbarian than the shark, who after all only ate to live. A few of the King’s descendants still live, although for how long, no one can say.

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