Still Life with Fruit Flies and Mouse

This quilt was the result of a challenge from my former quilt group, Fringe Benefits, which has since disbanded. The topic of the challenge was "Varmints". I was less than delighted with the topic, but after spending months trying to eradicate fruit flies from my home, I did come up with my subject matter. I had been thinking about doing a still life for some time.  Scroll down for details.

fruitflieswmouse.jpg (53161 bytes)


I was particularly interested in creating dimensionality in this piece. I used layers of fabric and machine embroidery (thread painting) to create the highlights and shadows on the pear. When I scanned this image, the pear became a bit squashed, but is OK now, and does not look squashed in person.



Below see the fruit flies of the title. The flies are quilted in. I used a swirling quilting design to mimic the erratic flight of the fruit flies.


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