"On Land and Sea" Student Gallery 2006-2009

These beautiful quilts are examples of student work are from my On Land and Sea class.  The photos are pictured in the order I received them, with the most recent ones closest to the top of the page. Anyone who has taken this class is invited to send photos of their finished projects to be included on these pages.

The "On Land and Sea" class is available as a two to five day workshop when taught in person, or can be taken online through Quilt University.   For information about the next session of On Land and Sea at QU visit my QU class list.


"Loch of Skene" by Helena Cameron

Copyright 2009 Helena Cameron

This quilt is made from a photo taken near my home in Aberdeenshire in Scotland and is a view that I see every day and which always lifts my spirits. The towers in front of the loch stand either side of large gates which were the grand entrance to the estate in days gone by.
Helena adds "I am so pleased with this work and can only thank you again for all the help and encouragement during the class."

Copyright 2009 Helena Cameron


Copyright 2008 Adele Brouse

Lake Volta, Akosombo, Ghana, Africa by Adele Brouse

Size of the quilt: 31" x 42"

Akosombo Dam was built in 1964 to supply power to Ghana and 2 neighboring countries. Volta Lake is the world's largest man-made lake and the submerged forest is the reason for our employment in Ghana. This piece is a combination of Viewpoints and On Land and Sea. As I was limited to fabrics, I did a lot of dyeing of stash to get enough of a variety of greens for the picture and border. It was very fulfilling to combine two of your classes to finish this piece.

Copyright 2008 Zsuzsa Benko

"Fire Tower of Veszprém" by Zsuzsa Benko

Size of the quilt :35" x 49"

The Fire Tower of Veszprém, Hungary is one of the town's hallmarks and oldest structures. Located at the southern end of the castle, the 48 meter tower was built in the Middle Ages. The whole settlement could have been monitored from the top. This was extremely important in this windy place where the chances of fires spreading all over were high.

Copyright 2008 Zsuzsa Benko

Copyright 2008 Zsuzsa Benko

Two details of ZSuzsa's quilt, above and left.


Copyright 2006 Julia Arden

"The Bridge at Hanmer Springs" by Julia Arden

measures 33"w x 25"l

The Waiau Ferry Bridge (1887) near Hanmer Springs is a single lane wooden bridge on original ironwork. In the centre is a platform from which the reckless can Bungee jump into the cold water below! The original photo was taken from a viewpoint on the Hanmer side of the bridge. We were on our way to the relaxing hot springs (100 degrees F) which made the town famous. Many rivers and lakes in NZ are an unreal blue/turquoise because of the suspended rock dust being carried from the Southern Alps.

"Painting Half Dome at Yosemite" by Marilyn Smith

measures 48"w x 41"l

Copyright 2006 Marilyn Smith

Marilyn tells us, "This quilt was made from a photo that I took in Yosemite, 2006. It is looking from Glacier Point toward Half Dome. The day I was there, a woman was painting a picture of Half Dome and her body language spoke volumes to me. The perfect piece of art is always easier to create when the subject is perfect as well. Yosemite's Half Dome, under scrutiny of another artist, lends its image to this fabric study of God's perfection in creation. Thread painted and machine appliqued."

Copyright 2006 Marilyn Smith


Copyright 2006 Judy Haas Ancient Lands by Judy Haas

measures 40" x 44"

The landscape quilt is a combination of several pictures taken along a scenic highway along the Colorado River in Utah when we took our daughter to college in Arizona in l986. The river is the Colorado and the mountains probably are the San Francisco Peaks in AZ. The scene seemed just the right one for a first landscape quilt.

Copyright 2006 Judy Haas

About the postcard quilt above Judy says, "I needed a postcard for a FiberChallenge to send to Virginia Spiegel for fundraising at the Houston Quilt Show so I took the detail image, changed it a bit and using iron on machine applique turned it into a postcard."

Copyright 2006 Judy Haas
Detail of Ancient Lands


Copyright 2006 Carol Rothermel Red Bridge by Carol Rothermel (at left)

measures 32" x 27"

The Red Bridge spans the Tulpehocken Creek in Berks Co, PA and is the largest single span covered bridge in PA. This quilt was begun in the Spring 2006 session of On Land and Sea.

bar.jpg (2467 bytes)


Copyright 2006 Fay Longstaff Lake Hayes by Fay Longstaff (at left)

measures 39" x 28"

Fay says of this piece and the next one, below, that "both original snaps were taken in the South Island of New Zealand, where there is a photo opportunity around every bend in the road. We were there about 7 years ago, and would love to go back again."

Lake Hawea by Fay Longstaff (at right)

41" x 29"

Both projects were completed during the April 2006 session of "On Land and Sea"  at Quilt University .

Copyright 2006 Fay Longstaff

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I am happy to say that enough of you have sent me photos of your quilts that I have needed to expand the gallery. Follow the links above to see more "On Land and Sea" quilts.

If you have taken my "On Land and Sea" class either in person or online and have completed a project from the class, please send me a photo of your work to be included here. 
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