Flower Power Student Gallery

These beautiful flower portraits were made by students from my Flower Power class at Quilt University.  Anyone who has taken my Flower Power class, either at QU or in person is invited to send photos of their finished projects to be included on these pages.

Student Gallery for January 2013 QU class

The Flower Power class is available as a one or two day workshop when taught in person, or can be taken online through Quilt University.   For information about the next session of Flower Power at QU visit my QU class list. Flower Power will only run through 2013 at QU.


Copyright2012 Margo Jocobson
Size: 22" x 22"

Springtime on Blue Mountain by Margo Jacobson


Margo sends a picture of her Balsam Arrowroot. She chose this flower because it is incredibly abundant in the spring where she hikes 3 times a week. The centers are beaded and there is quite a bit of stitching on the petals of the flowers. Margo says, "I really had fun doing it and the applique method you taught makes it so simple that I have hope again on small applique pieces".

Margo took Flower Power at Quilt University


Copyright2011 DeAnne Rosen

Red Primrose by DeAnne Rosen


"In late winter I bought a red primrose plant in my grocery store. I photographed one of the blossoms, drew the pattern, and enlarged it. My goal was to create a realistic red primrose. I chose various red fabrics to create the subtle color variations in the petals. I used upside down applique, thread painting, quilting, and beads to made the quilt."

DeAnne took Flower Power in the winter of 2011 at Quilt University

Japanese Hydrangea by Julia Arden

size:33.5" wide x 29.5" high

In Kyoto there is a temple called Mimuro-toji, that is famous for its azaleas and hydrangeas. There are 20,000 azaleas, and 10,000 hydrangeas. This was one of the multi-coloured ones, which I slightly altered in Photoshop towards a warmer palette. After we'd visited this temple and another, we had a lunch which included tea-flavoured tofu, octopus, eel, lotus root, and assorted other delicacies all beautifully presented.

Copyright2010 Julia Arden
Two Quilts by Jan Potter

Iris (right)
size:34" x 34"

Jan tells me, "I decided to satin stitch all of the edges on this quilt just for something a little different and it is heavily thread embellished. I also did a double piping on the binding. I am very happy with the way it turned out. I used the thick wool batting for the petals...and they have a lot of dimension... I really like your upsidedown applique technique and I will be using it a lot from now on. It works well regardless of the size of the quilt as shown by my iris quilt. I have recommended your QU class to many people since taking it."

Copyright2009 Jan Potter
Copyright2009 Jan Potter

Magnolia (left)
size:32" x 24"

Jan says this magnolia quilt is a wall quilt, but that she will also be making four placemats using a simplified version of the design. Isn't this gorgeous?

Adele Brouse

Blossoms and Butterfly
27" x 29".

Adele writes,"My first upside down applique project and I really enjoyed learning this. I see all kinds of possiblities. Picture was taken on the shores of Lake Volta in Ghana, Africa. There is 1,000 different species of butterflies in West Africa as well as lots of dragonflies!!!

Copyright Adele Brouse 2008

Copyright Adele Brouse 2008


 Fay Longstaff

Fay Writes, "I took part in your Flower Power Class last year. The photos are of something I started, and have had sitting on my back burner since then. Honestly, if I had realized how quickly and easily, with your guidance, I could get it finished, I wouldn't have procrastinated for so long. Better late than never. It was such a great enjoyable class, and I love working your way. I must also add that although I still use a double binding for large quilts,I never finish off a wall hanging with anything but your method of binding."

Copyright Fay Longstaff 2008

Copyright Fay Longstaff 2008


 JoAnn Camp

Just One Day
25" x 30"

Jo Ann tells me, "I used your spider web in the bottom right corner...
I also put some yellow beads since the photo I used showed some yellow pollen on some of the petals. I really enjoyed your class and I have lots more flower photos I'd like to turn into quilts."

Copyright JoAnn Camp 2008

Copyright JoAnn Camp 2008


 Donna Sereda DeNovo

27 x 21.5 inches

A portrait of Rosa rugosa 'Alba' which blooms in Donna's garden in summer and stays a-buzz with big, nectar-drunk bumblebees. Donna tells me that "the success of the quilt is due in large part to my friend, Amy Climer, who hand-dyed all the fabrics I used for the leaves and some of the petals".

Copyright Donna Sereda DeNovo 2008


Cheryl Hanson

Copyright Cheryl Hanson 2007

The quilt is 22 x 26", made using Upside-Down Applique. The shadowing is done with tulle and thread painting. The center was the most difficult to obtain the dimensionality because the values were so close.

Copyright Cheryl Hanson 2007


Cheryl took Flower Power in the Fall of 2006. She tells us that "I made this rose quilt in memory of my sister who died at age 46; the yellow rose was her favorite. I made it for my mother for Mother's Day."

Copyright Cathy Phillips 2007 Cathy Phillips

Copyright Cathy Phillips 2007

Cathy Phillips of Salt Sping Island, BC tells us "I have finished my white lily quilt! I really enjoyed your class on Quilt University and love the techniques you have taught. I quilted it with invisible thread in a free hand leaf pattern. The pink fabric was painted. Method was fusible appliqué. It is an Asiatic Lily from my garden. The quilt is 20" by 24".

More Beautiful Flower Quilts from Previous Classes

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Techniques covered in the Flower Power class at Quilt University include:

Design and Color Strategies
Advanced Upside-Down Applique
Invisible Applique
Fusible Applique
Thread Painting and additional embellishment techniques

If you have taken my "Flower Power" class either in person on online and have completed a project from the class, please send me a photo of your work to be included here.  Please send well focused jpgs, sized from 400-600 pixels along with your name, the name of your quilt, the name of the flower it depicts, the quilt size and a description of your quilt to:

You may also send a detail shot if you wish. Thanks! 
Send me your photos! I would love to see them and so would all your friends!


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