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These beautiful flower portraits are from my Flower Power class.  Anyone who has taken my Flower Power class is invited to send photos of their finished projects to be included on these pages.

The Flower Power class is available as a one or two day workshop when taught in person, or can be taken online through Quilt University.   For information about the next session of Flower Power at QU visit my QU class list.

 More Beautiful Flower Quilts circa 2007

Copyright 2007 Natalie Goosens Nathalie Goosens

Copyright 2007 Natalie Goosens

Pumpkin Flower

Copyright 2007 Simonetta Zoppi Simonetta Zoppi

Copyright Simonetta Zoppi 2007

Karin Weiss

Copyright 2007 Karin Weiss

Copyright 2007 Karin Weiss

Four Flower Quilts by Jane White

Copyright 2007 Jane White
15" x 12"

Jane writes, "With Susan's help, I was experimenting with shadows to create depth."
Technique: Upside down applique.

Fantasy Flower

Copyright 2007 Jane White
6" x 4 3/4"

Playing around with free style cutting. Technique: Fusible web -- Steam-a-Seam 2.


Playboy Rose

Copyright 2007 Jane White
10" x 8 1/2"

Technique: Upside down applique

Bird of Paradise

Copyright 2007 Jane White
8" x10 1/4"

Technique: Upside down applique.

Beth Tyner


Copyright 2007 Beth Tyner

Copyright 2007 Beth Tyner

Copyright 2007 Kathy Burns Cone Flower by Kathy Burns

Copyright 2007 Kathy Burns

Firecracker Lily by Judy Haas
19.5" x 23.5"

Copyright 2007 Judy Haas

Judy's quilt depicts an Asiatic Lily

 Her quilt will hang in an ongoing exhibit at her local hospital's Cancer Treatment Center for 3 months.

Below, a detail of Judy Haas's quilt which shows her thread painting.

Copyright 2007 Judy Haas

Copyright 2007 Charmion Stephens  

Charmion Stephens

Pink Daylily

Charmion completed her quilt in December 2006 after taking Flower Power at Quilt University. The finished piece measures 21” x 21”.

Copyright 2007 Charmion Stephens

Techniques covered in the Flower Power class at Quilt University include:

Design and Color Strategies
Advanced Upside-Down Applique
Invisible Applique
Fusible Applique
Thread Painting and additional embellishment techniques

If you have taken my "Flower Power" class either in person on online and have completed a project from the class, please send me a photo of your work to be included here.  Please send well focused jpgs, sized from 400-600 pixels along with your name, the name of your quilt, the name of the flower it depicts,
the quilt size and a description of your quilt to .
You may also send a detail shot if you wish. Thanks! 

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