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These beautiful quilts are examples of student work are from my On Land and Sea class.  The photos are pictured in the order I received them, with the most recent ones closest to the top of the page. Anyone who has taken this class is invited to send photos of their finished projects to be included on these pages.

The "On Land and Sea" class is available as a two to five day workshop when taught in person, or can be taken online through Quilt University.   For information about the next session of On Land and Sea at QU visit my QU class list.

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Copyright 2011 Sally K. Field

"Goose Falls---Low Tide" by Sally K. Field

Sally took On Land and Sea in the autumn of 2011. She writes, "The photo was taken last Fall the day before the hurricane came to Maine. It was late afternoon and not a ripple of wind. The tide was dead low."

"Over the Sea to Skye" by Chris Staver
Size: 37" by 26"

The quilt is based on a photo that we took in the summer of 2004 on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Skye was one of our favorite places we visited in Scotland that year. The title for the quilt comes from a song called "The Boat Song" about bonnie Prince Charlie. My husband is a bagpiper and he loves that song. Initially I was going to put him into the quilt in his kilt and playing his bagpipes, but as you can see that never happened! I worked on this quilt in Susan's "On Land and Sea" class in the summer of 2005 and then did not take it out to finish it until the summer of 2011.

Chris has a blog where you can read more about her quilting.

Copyright 2011 Chris Staver

Copyright 2011 Chris Staver

Copyright 2011 Cathy Clark

"Two Doors" by Cathy Clark

22"W X 17"L

Cathy writes, "I have taken several of your QU courses: Machine Embellishment, Upside Down Appliqué and most recently, On Land and Sea (March 2010) during which I began the attached quilt. When my husband took the photo on which this quilt was based, he was waiting for me to return via Amtrak from a visit to my mother who lived in Reston VA. It reminds me of our wonderful short vacation to the Shenandoah National Park. We stayed in a cabin perched on the edge of the cliff, overlooking the Shenandoah Valley stretched out below. In the evenings, Chuck surfed the net and I set up my sewing machine!

"The quilt is approximately 22” by 17” and uses upside down appliqué, machine appliqué, thread painted shrubs, hand embroidered flowers and tulle shading throughout. It is based on a photo my husband took of a building in Staunton, VA. Situated right across from the train depot in Staunton’s historical Wharf district, the building was constructed as a combined warehouse and dwelling.

"As I worked on the quilt, I gradually began to see the entrances as representing two objectives for prayer. One motive might be to ask for help, be it for wisdom, healing, finances, or any number of other blessings (the warehouse door). The other motive might be to spend time with our Creator getting to know his ways, learn from him, and so deepen our relationship with him (the dwelling door).

"Ironically, in this quilt, it seems that there is more traffic to the warehouse than to the dwelling! The house number seven is symbolic of completion and rest. It is the sum of three and four, which represent the divine Trinity and Man. The raised area of the dwelling door forms a cross.

"I find that now, when I pray, I check myself to see where my mind is focused, the warehouse, or the home.

This quilt was accepted for the Sacred Threads Quilt Exhibition 2011 in Reston VA, near Dulles Airport in the Washington, DC area.

Copyright 2011 Lynda Morrison

"Haystacks at Cannon Beach Oregon" by Lynda Morrison

40"W X 32 1/2" L

Made from a photo I took when on holiday on the Oregon Coast


Copyright 2009 Claudia Currado Muzzio

"La Purisima" by Claudia CM

'La Purisima' is the name of the Mission where my husband took this during a day trip to the Mission, when we used to live in Santa Barbara (California). I always liked that picture and I was very happy to make a quilt out of it. Also, I have a fond memory of the trip because I had just got pregnant with my first child.

Quilts from 2006-2009
Quilts from 2003-2005

I am happy to say that enough of you have sent me photos of your quilts that I have needed to expand the gallery. Follow the links above to see more "On Land and Sea" quilts.

If you have taken my "On Land and Sea" class either in person or online and have completed a project from the class, please send me a photo of your work to be included here. 
Please send well focused jpgs, sized from 400-600 pixels and a description of your quilt to:

You may also send a detail shot if you wish. Thanks! 
Send me your photos! I would love to see them and so would all your friends!



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