Summer's End

Copyright 2011 Susan Brittingham
Completed September 2011
Size: 30" x 24"

This quilt was made for my Quilt Guild's Annual Challenge. The theme was "A River Runs Through It". The idea being that everyone would make a quilt in which water flows from one side of the quilt to the other. The quilts will be hung side by side so that the water "flows" from one quilt to the next. Ours was not the first group to do this, but it was such a great idea we wanted to give it a try.

Originally we had some size "guidelines" which were ignored by so many participants that they were essentially thrown out.

Since landscape quilts are a major interest of mine, I had always intended to participate in the challenge. However, I had a hard time deciding on what I wanted to do.

2011 © Susan Brittingham 2011 © Susan Brittingham

These are photos from my former home on the river, where my husband and I lived for 25 years, a place very near and dear to me. The photo on the right has been a favorite of mine for a long time, but the river did not cross the entire picture. I combined the two photos in order to have the river running from one side of the quilt to the other, while still getting a great shot of the lawn chairs and umbrella.

The Making of Summer's End

This quilt is the first that I have shown online as I worked on it. I began the quilt the week preceding July 30 and each Sunday night I would post of photo of the work in progress. Once I had committed to posting the Sunday night updates, the process helped to keep me on track and get it done. For now, I am maintaining a Work in Progress page for current projects. Below, is a record of the work on this quilt over the weeks that it appeared on the W-I-P page.

Note: The photos are in reverse order, the most recent are first, the earlier pictures are shown last. As you move through the pictures, you are going back in time.

September 27: Final Update

Finished in the Nick of Time!
Stayed up late last night and put on the binding, the sleeve and label.
Tuesday morning, after a lot less sleep than I would have liked, I started hand sewing the bottom of the sleeve to the quilt.
I had about 15 minutes more work to do when I had to go to yoga class. After all that quilting, yoga class was not something I could afford to miss.
I was feeling confident that I would get it done. Came home after class, had lunch, finished my last bit of stitching, pressing and checking.
I was on the way out the door. The phone rings.
It is Quilt Show Registration calling to ask if I would be bringing my quilt before they shut down.
Yikes! I thought I had another hour. Luckily I didn't need it. The quilt was off the the show.

If you click on the thumbnails below, they will lead you to the larger picture of the week.


2011 © Susan Brittingham

2011 © Susan Brittingham

September 25 update:
Appliqued edges are finished. Quilting is about half done.
Had a run-in with a bad thread today. Turned out it was a badly filled bobbin.
The deadline is Tuesday afternoon. Will I make it?
I will be sewing into the night.

September 18:
Changes from last week are not obvious.
I am finishing and embellishing the edges
which neatens the edges, but does not change the look except when seen up close.

September 11:
Lawn Chairs are done! My next tasks are
edge finishing, embellishing, then quilting.


2011 © Susan Brittingham

2011 © Susan Brittingham

2011 © Susan Brittingham

September 4:
I am finally adding the lawn chairs.
One down, one to go, plus gotta love the table...
The title of this quilt came to me this week.
I will call it "End of Summer".

August 28:
One step forward and two steps back with every piece I add. I re-did the water, adding some Angelina fibers for sparkle, will add more on the re-done parts. Need to change the color of a bush and get on with the chairs.


August 21:
I have started the applique. The water needs work,
but the umbrella makes this start to look like something.


2011 © Susan Brittingham

2011 © Susan Brittingham

August 14 update:It's not worth a photo, but I did copy the drawing full size onto stabilizer this week.

The original sketch

This week (July 31-August 6)
1)I enlarged the drawing by printing it on my home computer.
2)Printed it on 9 sheets of plain paper which I taped together.
3)Started to look at possible fabrics for the chairs.

I teach the techniques I used to make this quilt in several of my classes. At Quilt University you can learn to make a drawing/pattern from a photo in my "On Land and Sea" class and in "Flower Power". I call the applique technique I am using "Upside-Down Applique". It is another of my QU classes. Upside Down Applique is one of several applique methods I teach in the Flower Power class.

I also teach a two day live class, called "From Photo to Quilt" at the Jacksonville Center for the Arts in Floyd VA. This is an "on-demand" class. When we have enough people interested in the class, it will be scheduled to suit the participants.

Susan's Quilt University class schedule

Photo to Quilt at the Jacksonville Center

More information about From Photo to Quilt


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