Upside Down Appliqué
with Susan Brittingham

Description: Add a new machine appliqué technique to your repertoire of quilting skills. Achieve perfect shapes and accurate placement of all your appliqué elements, no matter how small or complex. Use this method to create multi-layered appliqué motifs by machine when you can’t or don’t want to fuse. We will be making a small sample project, which you can later incorporate as a block into a larger project or add borders and binding to complete as a small quilt. This class is also available in a 3 hour version, during which we work on a small hummingbird block.

Skill level: Intermediate to advanced. Some previous free motion machine quilting or appliqué experience may be helpful.

Kits are available if ordered in advance


In class, you will be working on your choice of either a Hummingbird or a Seahorse scene.

Fabrics, Hummingbird:

Background --- a fat quarter of printed or hand-dyed fabric, chosen to convey either sky or foliage

Hummingbird --- 1/8 yard green or other color for the body and wings; 1/8 yard each of one or two sheer crisp fabrics such as iridescent organza, or tulle; and a small scrap of red for the ruby throat.

Flowers --- small amounts of several shades of blue, periwinkle, lavender and purple, plus several shades of green for leaves

Fabrics, Seahorse:

Background --- a fat quarter printed or hand-dyed fabric, chosen to suggest an underwater environment

Fabrics for seahorse --- ¼ yd muted yellow or beige; 1/8 yard or scraps of tulle of sheer fabric for shading, or y u may use any colors of your choice for the seahorse

Seaweed and Coral: Several pieces of fabric in coral tones, and green, you can be as fanciful as you wish with your color choices, also a piece to represent the sea floor in a sand color or neutral.

Additional supplies:

Threads --- Bring a variety of decorative (embroidery) threads including rayon, cotton and metallic threads to match, blend and accent your fabrics. Invisible thread may help your work go faster. Polyester invisible thread is recommended.

Tear-Easy (recommended) or other tear away stabilizer

A pair of small, sharp, pointed scissors (4" embroidery scissors)

A fine line blue marking pen, a pencil or permanent felt-tip pen

Basic sewing supplies: pins, scissors, machine embroidery needles, size 75/11 and 90/14, or sharp machine needles, size 80/12, seam ripper

Sewing machine, clean and in good working order with a darning or quilting foot. We use straight and zigzag free-motion stitching in this class. (A featherweight machine is not suitable).

extra bobbins, plus, if you have bobbins already filled with rayon threads or threads that will match your fabrics, bring them along

Optional: A 6" - 8" hoop for machine embroidery, it may be narrow wood or spring tension type