Scrap Quilts and Toadstools

When not working on pictorial quilts, I like to relax by playing with my scraps, making scrap blocks. Making scrappy things makes me feel a little more virtuous than my stash would have me believe, making something from bits one might otherwise throw away.

I initially began quilting because of the colors and fabrics. I would sew, and make garments, but it was generally considered tacky to use 100 fabrics in a blouse or jacket. When I first encountered quilting, it was a revelation. Scrap quilting brings back some of the joy of just playing in the fabrics and trying to make something pretty.

Sometimes the blocks I make are sort of traditional with standard geometric shapes like half square triangles or squares, or maybe variable stars. (click on the small image at left)

This quilt was made from some blocks, bits of blocks and half-square triangles
Keep going, I promised toadstools, and you will get them

Perhaps my favorite thing to do with my scraps is to make improvisational patchwork blocks. I had built up quite a collection.

Start with sewing a few pieces together, they
might be rectangles(top) or odd shapes(bottom).

Build the blocks log cabin style. Nobody ever said
the logs had to be straight.

The wooden structure

I asked my husband to make me a footstool that would also serve dual duty by providing some knitting storage. He very quickly made one which he called a toadstool. I made a top for the toadstool by sewing together several my scrap blocks together, quilting the resulting fabric and then covering a foam cushion.My husband had to have one of his own, and I desperately needed another for my studio, to sit on when working low on the design wall or sorting fabrics. You can see the wood structure at left.

Our two toadstools

Here are some pictures of the patchwork and quilting:

This last piece is in progress

Meanwhile, I am finishing the quilting on a twin-sized scrap quilt made of these blocks. I will post it when it is done.



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