Tropical Dreams

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This quilt was made and quilted on a Janome 6500P.

Sometimes I just like to sew some straight seams. So I make the simplest possible quilts and play with color.  The concept for this quilt came from wanting to make a quilt from my husband's many Hawaiian shirts which he no longer wore.  At the last minute, he decided he didn't want me to cut them up, so I turned to my own stash of jungle prints in order to make him a tropical inspired quilt to brighten up the winter.  The prints are mostly large scale, so I did not want to cut them into small pieces, but to preserve their beauty in sections. There are quite a few busy tropical prints which are interspersed with colorful batiks and tone on tone prints.  Construction is spontaneous, sewing one chunk to the next until larger units can be sewn together.  This was a really fun quilt to make!

Since I was making it for my husband, I did not use one of my favorite thin cotton battings, but made it fluffy the way he wanted. Big mistake. It has been a long time since I have quilted with thick polyester batting. I found it difficult to get the back and front together all at once! However, the thick batting was no problem to quilt on the Janome, with its large machine bed and plenty of room between needle and motor housing.

From making this quilt I learned that sometimes I really like making very simple quilts with lots of fun fabrics and
never, ever again to use really fat polyester batting. Now what do I do with the other two yards of fat batting?

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At left, see the back or reverse side. This included some Aloha Kitty fabric. I bought it long ago because it was so funny, but kept wondering how I could possibly use it. Below,  a detail of the front of the quilt.

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