Victorian in Ghent

Copyright 2007 Susan Brittingham
Size: 18" wide x 23-1/4" long

Copyright 2007 Susan Brittingham

A larger detail


This quilt was made in response to a Fast Friday challenge. I was excited about the challenge because I really enjoy working on architectural pieces. The challenge asked that we make a quilt based on architecture and that showed depth.

I love Victorian Architecture and did a series of Victorian Turrets for my Journal Quilt Project of 2006. I had planned to continue making these but other things always seemed to get in the way. This was my chance to continue. My previous turrets have all been Journal Quilt Size (8.5" x 11") but this time I wanted to work larger.

I actually did not think it would take much longer to work a bit larger than to work small. I was very wrong about that. I found out that each piece when it is large takes on more significance to the outcome of the whole. This has lead to some trial and error and changes in my fabric choices. I feel that I have gained a lot by working on this challenge and am satisfied with what I have done. Learning something new, motivation to work on a topic of interest, that is reason enough to participate in challenges.

This quilt is made using my Upside Down Applique technique, some thread painting and an off-surface needle lace technique that combines both applique and free motion machine embroidery. All of my quilts are made using only fabric and thread, no painting.

This quilt was completed in December 2007.

At right, see the original photo from which the quilt was made. The photo is of a house located in Ghent, one of my favorite neighborhoods of Norfolk, VA. The neighborhood is full of beautiful, well preserved historical homes and tree lined streets.

Copyright 2007 Susan Brittingham

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