Upside-Down Appliqué

This technique helps you to achieve perfect shapes and accurate placement of all your appliqué elements, no matter how small or complex. Use this method to create multi-layered appliqué motifs by machine when you can’t or don’t want to fuse.

This is a fun class! My students enjoy great success when using the technique. Some tell me they never knew appliqué could be so easy! Check out my QU Class Schedule to find out when the next session begins online.

I offer two projects when teaching the class:

A Hummingbird,


Click on the photo to see another example of
a hummingbird quilt made with Upside-Down Applique
A very large image of a hummingbird made with UDA
Shows an example of the live class hummingbird project

or a Seahorse


Click the photo for a detail of the Seahorse sample, which also
shows some interesting embellishment techniques.
A large Seahorse image
Showing an example of the live class seahorse project

This class is available as a live workshop at your guild or conference or online through Quilt University.
The online, Quilt University version provides options to make a larger quilt that are not available in the live class.
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I wrote an article on Upside-Down Applique for the April 2005 Issue of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine. Check out your back issues.

Upside Down Applique uses satin stitch to finish the edges of the applique pieces. I will provide some alternatives to Satin Stitch, but be aware that a narrow satin stitch is part of the process. I recommend that if you have an aversion to satin stitch, you examine the samples carefully before signing up. The links above to the large images will show you stitch details.

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