Viewpoints: A Quilter's Perspective

In my Viewpoints class you will learn how to bring the art of perspective to your quiltmaking as you create the illusion of depth in your work. Learn to make eye catching three-dimensional frames to border your quilts. The simple techniques we study are essential for creating 3-D borders, interiors, and "rooms with a view", but can also be used to create 3 dimensional illusions when working with traditional blocks.  We will practice some exercises in linear perspective, learn about columns and arches, as well as other architectural details.

The quilt below, is a sample project much like one that might be made in class. The center, under the archway, is made from a commercial pre-printed landscape scene. A pattern for the project is provided in class or you may create your own using the design skills taught in class. The 3-D border is surprisingly easy to make once you know how. 

Viewpoints Class Sample

See a larger photo of this quilt

Some other quilts which illustrate the techniques taught in the class, such as one point perspective floors and walls, and designing columns can be seen below.  Click on the images below to see more about each quilt or visit my Gallery of Architectural and Perspective Quilts.

Roof of the World Sea of Dreams Moonlight
Roof of the World Sea of Dreams Moonlight on White Water
Nightfall Portal Echoes
Nightfall in the Valley of the Kings Portal Echos of the Past

This class is usually offered twice each year on-line at Quilt University.

I also teach at guilds and shops, so write to me at
if you would like more information.

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