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The classes that I offer when I visit your guild or conference are listed below.  Please feel free to email me at about visiting your guild, shop or conference to teach. I limit my visits to locations to which I can drive in a single day from my home in Southwest Virginia.

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Landscapes, Architecture and Quilts --- Lecture, 45-60 minutes

A trunk show presentation, which takes a look at the themes of nature, landscapes and architecture as they have developed over time in my quilting. May include a brief slide show depending on availability of quilts.

Adventures in Embellishment --- Lecture, 45-60 minutes

A presentation designed to stimulate ideas for the embellishment of garments and quilts through various fabric manipulation techniques, machine work and hand stitchery. Trunk show, demonstrations and numerous examples of the techniques used in quilts and clothing encourage viewers to experiment and create on their own.

Applique Rules! --- Lecture, 45-60 minutes

I used to think Applique was a four letter word, that applique was hard and piecing was easy. Join me as I reflect on how a stubborn piecer became an Applique addict. This trunk show covers many types of applique and a wide variety of projects. By the time you leave you may also believe Applique is the Easy Way.

Sampler Settings --- Lecture, 45-60 minutes

Do you have a group of blocks but don’t know what to do with them? Have you won your guild’s Blocks of the Month? In this lecture, learn how to make disparate blocks into a cohesive quilt. Group participation is a must as we look at your sampler quilts, both the ones that worked and the ones that didn’t.

Color Magic --- Lecture, 60 - 75 minutes

Welcome to a quilter’s colorful world! Learn recipes for making colors sing. We will look at many examples of color schemes that really work and how to create special effects using color and value to create dimensional effects, luminosity and luster in your quilts. Whether you like bright vibrant hues, quiet tones, or dark mysterious shades, you will find something in this program to enjoy, and will leave knowing more about color than when you arrived. This lecture runs the gamut from traditional to art quilts and has something for everyone.


The Embellished Landscape
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Length: 9-12 hrs (one and a half to two days)
Maximum Number of Participants: 20

Learn to construct a landscape that shows depth and realism. Then make a decorative shaped border to frame your landscape and effectively break the borders to suggest another layer of depth and dimension. Embellish the landscape with thread work, machine needle lace, sheers and textured fabrics. Designs for one or more landscapes will be provided, however you will have freedom to exercise as much creativity as you like.

From Photo to Quilt
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Length: 9-12 hrs (one and a half to two days)
Maximum Number of Participants: 20

Have you ever seen a beautiful scene and thought it might make a great quilt? Do you have vacation photos waiting to be made into quilted memories? This class will address both design and construction of pictorial quilts, teaching you how to create a pattern from your favorite photos and to turn them into realistic quilted pictures using applique and thread embellishment techniques.

Miniature Fabric Landscapes

Miniature Fabric Landscapes --- 3 hours or 6 hours

This class introduces some of the major principles of designing realistic landscapes using atmospheric perspective. Emphasis will be on the effective use of color to create the illusion of depth. Participants will begin one or more of their own small, enchanting fabric "paintings" using fusible appliqué and free-motion machine stitching. This class is also available in an abbreviated (3 hour) format.

Mini Landscape Samples

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Color Magic --- 3 hours or 6 hours

Learn recipes for making colors sing and for color schemes that really work. Create special illusions using color and value for dimensional effects, luminosity and luster in your quilts. Recognize your color preferences and discover how to make them work for you whether you like bright vibrant hues, quiet tones, or dark mysterious shades. We will work on color and quilt block exercises with real fabric as we experiment with color. No sewing machines required. This class is available in either a 3-hour or 6-hour version.

Upside-Down Appliqué --- 3 hours or 6 hours

Add a new machine appliqué technique to your repertoire of quilting skills. Achieve perfect shapes and accurate placement of all your appliqué elements, no matter how small or complex. Use this method to create multi-layered appliqué motifs by machine when you can’t or don’t want to fuse.

Upside Down Applique Class Samples

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Viewpoints: A Quilter's Perspective --- 6 hours

Bring the art of perspective, one of the most important of an artist’s tools, to your quiltmaking as you learn to create the illusion of depth in your work. Learn to make eye catching three-dimensional frames to border your quilts. The simple techniques we study are essential for creating realistic landscapes and interiors.We will practice some exercises in linear perspective, learn about columns and arches, as well as other architectural details.

Viewpoints Class Samples

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Sea of Dreams

Flower Power --- 6 hours

Who doesn’t love flowers? Capture the unexpected burst of color of a wildflower in the woods, or the riotous hues of a summer garden in your quilts. You will learn the process of transforming a sketch or photo into a beautiful free-motion appliquéd flower portrait. This is a good class for intermediate to advanced quilters who are looking for a new technique to add to their skills. Photos and patterns will be provided, but you may also bring your own photos of favorite flowers.

Visit my Gallery of Floral Quilts to see quilts made with the methods we use in class.

Flower Power

Amazing Architectural Applique --- 6 hours

Have you ever wanted to make a portrait of your home in fabric? Capture the beauty of old building in a quilt? In this class we will learn how to use applique and stitching techniques, laces and trims to do just that. Bring a photo of the house, building or architectural feature that you would like to create in fabric and we will make a pattern of the scene, learn about applique methods that will help create the scene, create shadows to enhance depth and begin to bring the scene to life with applique and embellishments.

See some examples of my architectural quilts.


On Land and Sea On Land and Sea — a two-day workshop

Explore techniques and strategies to use in creating beautiful quilted landscapes and seascapes. Starting with fabric selection and design planning, you will learn how to translate a sketch or photograph into fabric for a stunning quilt. Learn how to combine various forms of machine appliqué and decorative embellishments to create a unique environment that will intrigue its viewers. Quilting strategies specifically suited to landscape quilts will also be covered. This is intended to be a machine appliqué class, although hand appliqué enthusiasts are welcome to adapt the lessons to their needs. This class is available as a two-day workshop, or may be expanded for a more in-depth approach if time permits.

See what some of my former students have done in the On Land and Sea class: Student Gallery

Susan Brittingham * P.O. Box 543 * Floyd, Virginia 24091

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I am currently accepting teaching jobs for guilds in a limited area: Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Eastern Tennessee, Eastern Kentucky, West Virgina, and Maryland. Check with me about larger conferences outside this area. Available from April through October.

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Please feel free to email me about visiting your guild, shop or conference to teach. 

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